About Us

Welcome! We are Christen and Nikita, owners of Pooch n Perks. We both always have had love for all animals, and although we had pets over the years, we never imagined our love of animals would turn into a career!
Christen grew up on a farm in Ontario around dogs, cats, horses, and many more animals including exotic birds. Nikita grew up in Calgary, and was fortunate to spend her childhood years with a wonderful family dog, a Bichon Shih Tzu named Rosie. After meeting in 2007 and sharing a love of entrepreurship, we knew we would start a business together one day. Together, we have years of combined pet ownership and experience, both while growing up, and in our adult lives, currently with our two pets; Biggie and Bobbi.
In the summer of 2017, we opened up Pooch n Perks, a canine and companion food truck located at the Sue Higgins Off Leash park in Calgary, AB.  Along with snacks and refreshments for people, Pooch n Perks carries all natural dog treats, locally made dog accessories , and toys for patrons of the park. 
At the end of 2020, we took over Barks and Parks, a local dog walking business.  Now, Pooch n Perks is an extension of both the lifestyle and career we wish to maintain, which always includes our beloved animals. We took both time and care in training our dog Biggie, and that has resulted in the best dog ever! We would love to extend that same love and care in all services we provide for you and your dog! 

Meet the Fur-Friends

Meet Biggie and Bobbi!

Biggie is a sweet Pug/Shitzu mix, also known as a pugzu (or as we like to  affectionately call him, Ewok!) Biggie loves mandarin oranges, belly rubs, and pretty much anyone who shows him some love.

Bobbi is our feisty Tabby cat, who has a mind of her own. She loves teasing her brother, bacon, and sunbathing.

"It is a pleasure to recommend Christen and Nikita from Pooch n Perks. This isn't a job for them, they treat each day as a field trip!"


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